Want to learn Rails? Start with me.(I’m teaching a course!)

On Saturday June 22 I’m going to be a teaching a three hour online Rails course. The course is offered through The Next Web’s Academy platform, costs $99 and I promise to make it worth both your time and money.

I wanted to teach a Rails course to help enable the next generation of developers and engineers who want to get started but don’t know where to turn.

My goal is to teach you the fundamental pieces you need in order to start writing Rails applications and building the wonderful ideas that are in your head.

I plan to offer this course in multiple parts, each class building on the previous week. Each class will have homework assignments designed to push you a little beyond the boundaries we walk through each week.

In addition, The Next Web’s Academy platform also gives you access to my video and slides as long as you buy the course, you can revisit in the coming days, weeks, and months.

I hope you’ll join me! There are only 100 spots open in this class.

I’m excited to teach a whole batch of new people Rails and help you turn into the developer you’ve always wanted to be!

Sign up now. I’ll see you there!


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